"One of the most daring and textually motivated designs in the contemporary Estonian Opera Theatre"

Teater.Muusika.Kino - February 2012

The striking stage pictures and illusions were made from practically nothing (Thaïs rising like a Venus from a sea shell and bathing in the foam, stage lights on a synthetic material giving an illusion of the glory of Alexandria, wonderful video installations depicting Athanaël's dreams, the refinement of costumes) and were well worthy of the musical concept.                                                                     

  Pärnu Postimees - May 26th 2009


Such productions as "Demon" by Mati Unt, but also " Thaïs" by Mai Murdmaa and Madis Nurms lift the festival "PromFest“ into the circle of major successes in Estonian opera.                                                                                               

  Sirp -  June 12, 2009

Mrs. Hendricks was dressed in a simple dark costume, the stage was dark and decorated with cotton branches in black vases with blue and green lightplay on the walls. It is seldom that one sees and hears something as aristocratic. "                                                                        

Eesti Päevaleht -  June 11th, 2007