Sneak peek from the workshops

Here's an opportunity to see something before it is finished. Just a look at one of the costumes that are prepared for ballet "GO - a Game for Two" at the workshops of Theatre Vanemuine.

The first stage rehearsals of "GO" start tomorrow, October 7th.

"GO - a Game for Two" is an original ballet staged by Teet Kask, based on the music by Lepo Sumera. 

The fabrics for the ballet are mostly ordered from Germany, though some of the materials have been found in vintage shops and some are fabric remnants rescued from large textile stores. The central colour used is vibrant orange - the color of the beginning and end - hue of the sunrise and sunset.

The design is quite minimal and uses geometric shapes, drawing inspiration from the works of the Italian Futurists and Soviet Constructivists in the beginning of the 20th century.

The premiere of “GO” is on October 25th 2014.

You can see more sketches for the ballet HERE >>

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