September 2015

Ballet "Kratt" by Eduard Tubin at Estonian National Opera, September 2015


Choreographer -  Marina Kesler
Musical director - Vello Pähn
Set designer - Madis Nurms
Costume designer - Gerly Tinn
Lighting designer - Karmen Tellisaar
Video - Argo Valdmaa


"Laconic scenography created by Madis Nurms cleverly marks the sterile environment of the factory as well as a summer meadow.
The visual impact of the stage helps the viewer get even closer to the root of the story - contrast between burdensome and artificial material values and the simple and natural virtues"
Eesti Ekspress - October 7, 2015
The set design of "Kratt" combines stories from Estonian folklore with contemporary themes and materials. The two acts of the ballet are supported by two main figures in the set design - a sleek factory, constructed of aluminium and sheer plastic, and wooden but soulless tree. Geometrical shapes used in the design elements are inspired by embroidery patterns.


Virtual model

Scale model 1:25

Stage drawings

Projection tests on 1:10 Scale Model

Mapping by Argo Valdmaa

Pictures from the workshops